Too many choices to pick from

By: Carlos Aguilar

Life is full of choices we look for the best thing for us whether it is a phone, food, or even what streaming service to go with: Netflix or Hulu.

Netflix has different plans to suit your situations each coming at different prices, Basic for $8.99 / month, Standard for $12.99 / month, Premium for $15.99 / month. The Premium allows you to have up to four screens you can watch at the same time, but standard only allows two, and basic only lets one watch.

Hulu allows you to stream shows and watch live television, live television being just like cable. When setting up, it allows you to make a plan, and then customize it. If you are going to get Hulu, get ready for some ads. The cheapest plan may be $5.99 a month, but shows feature anywhere from one minute long ads to three minute long ads. If you wanted an ad free experience then you can put in six extra dollars a month to get rid of those pesky commercials.

Hulu live plans are $44.99 a month with ads and without it comes to $50.99 a month. The customization that is specific to Hulu live is enhanced cloud dvr and unlimited screens.

“As a Live TV subscriber, you automatically get 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage space to record your favorite shows, movies, games and other live events.” help.hulu.

Netflix has very simple things going for it, pay $8.99 a month and you get to watch Netflix only one screen at a time, and get no ads. Hulu on the other hand if you don’t spend that extra cash it will make you feel like you are watching a YouTube video with its ads and the length of them.

There are a number of different available streams such as crunchy roll, kissanime, 123movies, ect.

If you looked hard enough you will be able to find something that suits you best, like if you like anime you can go to kissanime or crunchyroll because that is what they only stream.

Everyone has their specified taste when it comes to shows or movies, and there is a streaming service for everyone out there. Soon enough you will have to start paying for your own streaming services.