Restaurants perfect for Valentine’s Day

by Toree Fisher (Staff Writer) – 2/12/16

The outside of BJ’s restaurant
The outside of BJ’s restaurant

With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, there are several restaurants to take a date or a group of friends to enjoy this love-filled day. Valentine’s Day is huge for restaurants.

Cheesecake Factory is the perfect setting for Valentine’s Day. With their variety of food to their famous cheesecakes, Cheesecake Factory would make you feel the love in the air whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day.

However, since Cheesecake Factory doesn’t take reservations, “the wait is definitely longer on Valentine’s Day,” explained sophomore Andrew Salas.

With Olive Garden’s 2 for $25 special, a date night awaits for Valentine’s Day. The special includes two entrees, a dessert to share, unlimited soup or salad, all starting at the price of $25. Senior Marbella Garcia Gagnier describes Olive Garden as a great place to spend Valentine’s Day with a loved one because of its quality of food and affordable prices.

According to, “At Olive Garden, you’ll get that feel of having a ‘special’ dinner out on Valentine’s Day.”

If you prefer small and intimate places to spend Valentine’s Day, Crave Cafe is that place. Crave has a variety of savory options as well as sweet. Their sweet options include their popular crepes. “Crave’s crepes are a perfect dessert to share with a date,” stated Salas. Additionally, they have Valentine’s Day based desserts such as heart-shaped cookies.

BJ’s is another restaurant to ensure a Valentine’s Day full of good food and desserts. “BJ’s has a nice setting, especially for a date on Valentine’s Day,” explained senior Maya Pierce. Their famous pizookies can definitely top the night off.

The Melting Pot is perfect for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. It provides more than just a delicious meal; it’s a memorable experience to spend with your loved one. “I enjoyed going to the Melting Pot for Valentine’s Day last year because it was a great experience and the chocolate covered strawberries were amazing,” junior Leslie Arlene stated. There’s a menu dedicated only to Valentine’s Day and packages with a special surprise waiting on the table.

These selected restaurants offer a romantic evening and the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience. With or without a significant other, it can definitely be a night to remember.