The importance of A-G requirements

By: Carlos Aguilar (staff writer)

Transitioning from middle school to high school is a big step in life, because you are one step closer to adulthood. In high school more things are expected of you, and one of these things is the A-G requirements.

Kids are conditioned to get participation trophies, but in high school that stops. In middle school there is a policy of social promotion, which means that you would still go into the next grade even if you were failing your classes, but now if you don’t get the credits you need you might be held back.

If you don’t pass a class you might need to give up your summer to make up the credits. The counselors will try to engrave these requirements in your skull.

Vice principal Stephen Foster stated, “We show them the A-G requirements at the freshman orientation, we talk to them about it during home room, Link crew talks about it, and during second semester they are called in to talk about their IGP.”

Freshman Bryan Saucedo, at John F. Kennedy, is in danger of doing summer school. He doesn’t remember the A-G requirements that were shown at the freshman orientation. He also said that he wouldn’t do much in middle school and admitted that he knew that he would pass.

He knows that he will have to make up the classes he had failed but wasn’t too bothered by it.

Foster has explained that there are some students who do not think of it as a big deal until they have to give up their summer.

11th grader at John F. Kennedy,Damian Mendoza, doesn’t know the A-G requirements but knows he is on track. His counselor would tell him what classes he needs to fulfill the requirements to graduate on stage.

Some people will not take classes seriously even though it will jeopardize their chances of graduating.

If you were to fail a semester lf a required class, then you would need to go to summer school and spend 2 and a half hours in that class for about four weeks. That is about 50 extra hours spent at school.

If you were to fail both semester of the required class, you would have to spend 5 hours in that class to make up the credits you could have gotten at school if you were to do the work.

The counselor here care about our futures, that is why they are signing us up for summer school if we failed a class. Instead of letting us not graduate because of missing credits.

 The counselors work hard to make sure we graduate, let’s make sure their work means something.