By Lalli Hernandez (OP/ED Editor) -9/29/16

Kennedy welcomes a new assistant principal who is ready to take on the responsibilities that come along with her title.

Mrs. Streif happily working away on her computer
Mrs. Streif happily working away on her computer

A new assistant principal, Angelica Streif, has joined the Kennedy staff this fall semester and is playing a major role in keeping both students and teachers as comfortable and happy as possible this school year.
After working with LAUSD for 16 years, coincidentally the same amount of years that she has been married, Streif states that she noticed an opening for an assistant principal position at Kennedy; she jumped at the opportunity. Though incredibly nervous and excited about starting her new job, Mrs. Streif shares that the staff members have made her feel incredibly welcomed and have helped her feel comfortable with her new position. As she had been previously been working at VAAS, she felt quite comfortable with the area which also helped ease her nerves about starting at a new school.
Streif has already become an avid member of the Cougar family and has assumed responsibility of overseeing the school’s counseling office as well as the special ed department. Ms. Streif is not only in charge of balancing out classes and making sure schedules are correct, but she also helps in ensuring that the academic and social needs of all the Kennedy students are met. She has many other responsibilities that involve student scheduling and needed and or requested program changes.
With so many responsibilities to handle, Streif admits that at times all the work could be pretty stressful but her love of working with students is what really keeps her going.
Streif rejoiced, “I love the school atmosphere because students are so positive and ambitious… I just really love the positive atmosphere that all students tend to create.”
Streif credits her passion of working with students to her parents as they have always instilled in her the belief that “education is power.” This belief motivated her to get her undergraduate degree as well as her master’s degree. As going through college may at times prove to be difficult, Streif shared that it was her parents’ support that moved her to work hard in order to have the ability to achieve her goals of actively working with students. As she has two small children of her own, a son and a daughter, she hopes to support them just as much as her parents supported her, if not more.
When asked what her goals were for the 2016-2017 school year, Streif smiled and said, “I hope to officially meet everyone and successfully put faces to names as well as get to know more about the school’s culture.”
Streif is notably a very kind and passionate person who has already benefitted Kennedy in various ways. From organizing, to planning and even successfully problem solving, there is no doubt that Kennedy and its staff will continue to benefit from the contributions and support that Mrs. Streif has already provided and will continue to provide throughout her time at John F. Kennedy High School.