Registration event at Kennedy

By: Teresa Mercado (staff writer)

The Our Girls Build Kennedy team recently held an event encouraging their peers to register or pre-register to vote and learn about the items on the ballot. The event held so many helpful information as well as they were so many helpful students.

All of the social studies teachers were invited to participate to allow their students to be informed about different propositions and candidates who will be voted on in the upcoming Tuesday, November 6, 2018 election and encouraged to make their voice be heard by voting.

The Girls Build Kennedy team presented to 21 history classes during the day. They had 130 students ages 16 and 17 pre-register and they had 15 students that are 18 register.They also held a voter registration event at Parent Conferences to encourage students’ families to register or pre-register to vote.

The girls did this event because they are trying to win a contest to meet Michelle Obama.This will give them an opportunity to talk to Obama about the campus and what they intend on expanding the club to. They will have their voices be heard just how she wants them to share their stories and for their voices to be heard.

This contest they entered will also give them to opportunity to win laptops for the school. This will benefits the school in so many ways because they will limit the sharing of the chromebooks. If the school wins these laptops, they can use the money that they were going to use to buy chromebooks for something else.

They want to make sure that everyone’s voices is being heard. By having people’s voices heard they plan on having more events like the voter registration drive. They plan on going to community event and having them tell a little bit about how they want to be heard and encourage others to feel the same way.