The younger generations involvement in politics

By: Diane Mata (Features Editor)- 10/5/18

John McCain III died a little over a month ago and half of Kennedy’s student body didn’t even know who he was. The majority of the younger generation isn’t as into politics as they should be. Yes, there are some who get involved and educated in the topic but most don’t.John McCain was a military officer, Arizona State Senator, and the Republican nominee for the 2008 Presidential elections, which he lost to Barack Obama.

When the Vietnam War happened, McCain was shot down and became a prisoner of war. While imprisoned, McCain suffered from acts of torture that would leave him with physical disabilities for the rest of his life. He would then go on to lead a politically involved lifestyle. In this, he would become the senator of Arizona and run for President twice.

John McCain was considered a true all-American golden hero.

When John McCain’s death was announced it was trending on social media, was the primary focus on news platforms, and stole conversations of everyone. Yet when I got to school the following Monday I heard the same conversation repeatedly.

“Who even was John McCain?”

“What did he even do?”

“Who is that?”

“I heard about that, but I didn’t even know he existed.”

Most of Kennedy’s current students weren’t alive during the 2000 elections yet they were for the 2008 elections. Therefore, they must have at least heard of McCain’s name. This event and its reactions are just a brushstroke to a bigger picture.

A majority of today’s youth don’t really care about politics and the world around them. These young adults favor finding out the latest of the Kardashian drama or compare their amount of Victory Royales than to becoming aware of local and national politics. It’s a big issue, especially with all the atrocious things happening in the world today. These young adults are the future of the country and the world, they need to know the responsibility that will soon be vested upon them.

Thankfully there are some of these teens who have decided to rise up and get involved. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, students across the country began demanding new gun laws. They’ve held protests and rallies, and overall become more educated on these sorts of things.

When the 2016 presidential elections were happening, although not able to vote, Generation Z kids were getting involved. In this, they would look more into immigration and economic equality issues. That being said, Generation Z has leaned towards a more Democratic side than Republican. Thus, reflecting their views on many pending issues.

Midterms are coming up this November and Americans born in 2000 will finally be able to vote, if registered. By doing this, it can be a first step into the new generation getting involved into politics. It is, after all, their future.