Is testing cosmetics on animals fair?

by Hashir Imran (Staff Writer) – 10/13/15

Animal suffering due to product testing
Animal suffering due to product testing

Victoria’s Secret is a major brand name when it comes to makeup and fashion for females, teenage girls, and women who love to use their products to enhance the way they look, but the process these makeup items take to end up in their possession isn’t a moral process.

According to the websites and, the products of this brand are tested on innocent animals in order to be sold in China. This website suggests “…the company has let down compassionate consumers everywhere by choosing profits over principles.”

This company has chosen a process in which innocent animals are left with negative, life changing consequences, in order to increase corporate profits. China is a country that requires animal testing before allowing products to be sold to humans. Victoria’s Secret was once a cruelty-free company, but in order to make more money in a major economy like China, they find the torture of animals necessary. The PETA website even shows a picture of a bunny who was left blinded due to products being tested on it.

Kennedy student Haseeb Sohail commented, “Animals are already suffering enough through the indirect consequences of our actions, like global warming, but this is crossing the line and it shouldn’t be allowed.” He even added that this situation is comparable to having products be tested on a certain race or group of humans, which is totally unacceptable. Just because they’re animals it doesn’t mean we can abuse them for our use, they also have rights, it’s not their fault they’re born animals.

Former Kennedy student and Victoria’s Secret product user Abir Javed said that she never realized that they test their product on animals, but now says she thinks it is ridiculous and disgusting knowing that what she uses is leaving other animals blind and with other disabilities affecting their lives permanently. “Just so they can increase their profit and sell products in China doesn’t give them an excuse to harm animals,” Javed confessed.

Testing products on animals in order to make women look better is just not fair. As human beings, we should know better and know to not hurt another living species. Just because one species is small and vulnerable doesn’t give us the right to abuse it. An animal is already up against a lot fighting against predators and doing its best to survive. They don’t have the luxuries that we have as humans. Adding this trouble to their already difficult lives does nothing but makes them weaker and disgraces us as humans. Animals are as precious as humans.

Kennedy Parent Imran Sarwar stated, “Animals are also another beautiful creation we are given as humans; we should use them respectably and fulfill our important needs.” There are many other cosmetic brands such as ‘Tresemme” and “Fructis” that are having the same amount of success and are cruelty-free. So if they have success, why can’t Victoria’s Secret? Animal cruelty for cosmetics testing is unfair and disgusting.

Others may believe that it makes sense to test cosmetics on animals since there is no other choice. According to cosmetics that are cruelty-free are as successful as the ones who aren’t cruelty-free so it doesn’t make sense to just hurt animals for the sake of business in China. Testing cosmetic products on animals isn’t fair and is dreadful. Humans don’t have the right to hurt animals for the sake of a perceived enhancement to their own beauty.