by Gabby Orellana:

Graffiti covered Kennedy’s walls on November 6 2012, with Illuminati connections and immature rumors about the administration. What is it that makes our very own golden Cougars act with such acidic hatred towards our school?

Kennedy Psychologist Mr. Davis states, “Children who choose to act in delinquent ways are trying to get attention.” Davis goes on to describe that children who are involved in this behavior usually have bad grades, are unpopular, have problems at home, and just want to feel accepted. Psychologically,  the mind of a delinquent is ‘torn down’ due to the fact they really don’t have a future ahead of them. There are other ways of fitting instead of vandalizing a wall. It’s short-lived and punishable by jail, is it even worth it?

“Vandalism and delinquent behaviors aren’t worth the criminal consequences” states Mrs.Petty, the head dean. “The vandalism that takes place is usually done by students who are in a gang or crew.” She pontificates that students act out in such ways because they want to be able to feel like they have power to control something, are dealing with peer pressure, are frustrated, or are trying to gain acceptance from a gang or crew they are trying to join.

Ms. Harvey, a school police officer and psychology major believes, “There isn’t really a set reason as to why students act in such rebellious ways. Psychologically, a huge study as to why they might act that way is Nature vs. Nurture— which is the theory that people were naturally born to act rebellious or bought up to be rebellious.” Harvey also personally believes that it’s human nature for someone to create drama in their life, even when all outside stimulants are positive. Harvey says to students who act in these ways that.” It’s just a matter of time before you get caught. Do you really think a $400.00 cell phone is worth ruining all your opportunities? In the long run it isn’t worth it.”

Harvey has interviewed many students as to why they do certain crimes such as stealing, and they confess that they do it for the thrill, for an adrenaline rush.

Former student Shae Billingsley, who was part of a destructive senior prank in which he and some friends broke into school and changed the gates locks. Billingsley was punished by possible jail time for breaking an entry, and he was not allowed to graduate on stage. Billingsley said, “I thought it was going to be funny and that it was something that every senior would want to do before they graduate”. He was not lacking popularity, his spot being featured in a previous journalism article under “the senior spot- the legacy”

Freshman student Julio Enriquez, who is currently on probation for being under the influence of Marijuana and throwing rocks at cars explains, “I threw rocks at cars because I was high and it was funny.” Enriquez enjoys smoking marijuana because it allows him to escape the daily stresses of his  life.

All these delinquent behaviors do not make one a cool person. These behaviors give you a short lived fame that in the end no one will remember. If students continue to display these behaviors they will end up in one place— behind bars.