by: Zyanya Fuentes (Staff Writer) – 5/8/2018

The concept of stalkers in movies is played out. To be honest, Hollywood tends overdramatize and sexualize the entire concept. Unsane, directed by Steven Soderberg, is nothing like any other stalker movie you’ve ever watched. This movie not only has a captivating plot but also great cinematography.

The camera angles are so well established that you really feel like you’re in that scene. When you think of someone filming an entire movie on their iPhone, you probably would assume the movie has poor quality. Soderberg defies those presumptions. The scenes are
perfectly recorded; the lighting really sets the mood.

Various times within the theater I had to stop myself from feeling too anxious. There was this one scene, where Claire Foy, lead actress, was drugged without her consent. The scene involved a lot of close up shots, and it almost felt as if I was the one being drugged. I felt dizzy a bit. The scene involved so much spinning. Her eyes looked so lost, like what a person on drugs really looks like. The scene was intense. I literally felt like I was one of the patients locked up in the mental health institute.The scenes take place in this dinky hospital. There are only four lead characters. Claire Foy, who
plays the part of the woman who is involuntarily committed to a mental institution does a spectacular job. Her co-stars, Joshua Leonard (Stalker) and Jay Pharoah (Undercover journalist),also play their parts well. Leonard is able to capture the audience’s attention as he plays the role of the stalker; he really gets into character. Pharaoh produces a sense of trust; he was literally the only character in the movie that I could trust.

This psycho-thriller creates a creepy, nightmarish atmosphere for its viewers. I was biting my nails practically the entire time. If it wasn’t my nails being shredded, it was the
popcorn that probably wasn’t as good as I made it out to be. It was one of those movies that you’re so fascinated watching that you don’t even realize you’re eating all the popcorn.

Unsane is a movie I would recommend. There should be fair warnings, that there are some very nerve-racking scenes, and it may even produce some anxiety to the viewers. But it’s one of those movies, that leave you on edge until the very end. Well written and directed it is a 10 out of 10 recommend.