The rapper’s highly anticipated fourth album

by Vanessa Perez (Staff Writer) – 4/27/15

Tyler Okonma, better known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator is an American rapper and record producer
Tyler Okonma, better known by his stage name, Tyler, The Creator, is an American rapper and record producer

Rapper Tyler the Creator recently released his fourth album Cherry Bomb to a mixed response from fans and non-fans alike.

The controversial musician’s latest piece of work fuses his own musical style with funk and jazz influences. The album is definitely a far outcry from his first album, Bastard, which contained violent lyrics and dark beats, which shows how much Tyler has evolved with his creative mindset.

Cherry Bomb’s euphoric beats mixed with Tyler’s first try at singing make for a surprisingly light experience. The album’s first single “F**king Young” is a delightful Stevie Wonder-inspired song that features a high pitched Tyler singing about a forbidden relationship. The song sounds like nothing he has ever attempted in the past, but the new change definitely works in Tyler’s favor because the retro sounding bop is very enjoyable.

Track 1, “Deathcamp” has a sound very similar to a young Pharrell, one of Tyler’s largest influences in music. The song features a heavy metal electric guitar riff mixed with Tyler’s usual clever and sometimes borderline obnoxious lyrics. These two factors definitely make this song hard for some to warm up to and also make the track stick out like a sore thumb compared to the other calmer songs on the album.

One of the more surprising tracks on the album is “Smuckers.” The song has unaccredited appearances by two of the biggest rappers in music: Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Smuckers has proved to be the most talked about song on the album, with many pleasantly shocked at the features. Both Kanye and Wayne’s verses sound more like their earlier work, Tyler even took to twitter to acknowledge this.

“Tell me I didn’t bring out the best Wayne and Ye verse in a while!” Tyler tweeted right after Cherry Bomb was released.

The album is definitely different from what Tyler’s ever done. Looking back at his second album Goblin, it is clear that Tyler has paid more attention to details rather than the finished product. Cherry Bomb has a lot of jazz elements that he’s never played around with before.

All in all, although it’s a very new experience from his past work, Cherry Bomb has a unique sound that is overall enjoyable. I would give this album a 7/10.