How Advanced Technology has affected our health

by Katrina Simon (Staff Writer) – 5/13/15

A teen slouching over his phone during class, unaware of the side effects
A teen slouching over his phone during class, unaware of the side effects

Today’s teens spend more than 7 1/2 hours a day consuming media, according to studies by the Washington Post. Have we ever considered how much destruction technology can do to our health?

According to HouseKeeping, smartphones or any other electronic device can ruin your posture. Slouching over your phone for over an hour can seriously tweak your back and neck muscles; as you scroll through your timeline, you are scrolling your way to back problems. This may result in back pain. In order to prevent this, do not stay in the same position for too long.

Research done by Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, had shown that leaning your head to get a better perspective at your screen can agonize your bone structure with a pressure of 60 pounds on your cervical spine. “Loss of the natural curve of the cervical spine leads to incrementally increased stresses about the cervical spine. These stresses may lead to early wear, tear, degeneration and possibly surgeries,” he briefly stated on CBS News.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a vision problem no youngster would ever want to experience. Scrolling through hundreds of different tweets, tiny letters, and photos on a nonstop sequence can bring your normal eyesight down the drain, which leads to eye discomfort, dryness, blurred vision, and eye strain.

Studies by WebMD show that “all of these functions require a lot of effort from eye muscles.” With this, someone can eventually end up harming eyes, suffering irritation, and paining eye muscles.

Have trouble catching the ZZzZZZZzzzzZZ’s at night? Most teenagers play Candy Crush before bed as a habit, which is a sleep disruption. While it may sound harmless, especially when tablet usage can help someone sleep, using your cell phone or any other electronic device may result in a long term effect on your health, according to Business Insider.

Phones before bed can give CVS. The blue light from electronic devices disturbs sleep, especially for teenagers. According to the Washington Post, the blue light on a device can prevent the release of melatonin—a hormone released from the pineal gland that can control your sleeping and waking cycle. This is what hinders the urge to sleep.

Drowsiness throughout the day is extremely odious. Night-tweeters, especially teenagers, often have trouble staying awake during school hours regardless of the infinite amount of caffeine they consumed in the morning. Therefore, not only can smart phones ruin mornings, but they can disintegrate grades as well.

After an entire weekend scrolling through and screenshotting your crush’s old selfies, you notice you have a throbbing headache. What is it caused by? Hint: It’s not the fact that he is dating the Regina George of the school. The physical aching is actually caused by digital eye strain, which is caused by your staring at the screen for a long time nonstop. Headaches can also be caused by CVS. In order to palliate that nuisance, adjust the contrast of the electronic device that you are using.

This society’s advanced technology is highly convenient and appealing; regardless of the long-term effects it has on our mental health, physical health, and body shape. Nevertheless, we continue to use it. Addiction is another health-related long-term effect it has on us.