California’s worst drought yet

by Alexis Miranda (Staff Writer) – 10/13/15

Spreading throughout Southern California, the scorching heat wave has left many people, along with the students at Kennedy, parched. This heat wave would have not been as bad if California was not in the crisis of its current drought.

Whereas many Californians’ know the degree of the drought, some citizens are taking the severity of it lightly, making many jokes about this crisis as California is losing water.

This conclusion brings one question to mind: Is California reaching their goal in water conservation when not everyone is participating?

Earlier this year Brown had set the goal for the conservation rate and reduced water use to 25 percent during July. Through gathered information since then, California has exceeded that goal, reaching an astonishing 31.3 percent in water conservation since the mandate was set.

To achieve this, there are communities upstate that are encouraging residents to paint their grass green in order to make the neighborhood look nice rather than unnecessarily watering their lawns. Homeowners are doing their part by taking out the grass in their front lawn and replacing it with accessories such as gravel, wood chips, and even fine sand.

The once green and luscious grass in front of the Providence Holy Cross Medical Center is now wilted away, with signs in front encouraging passerbyers to stop watering their own lawns as well. Even a sign on westbound Highway 50, in Sacramento, used normally to warn drivers of traffic problems or display Amber Alert messages, displays a message to conserve water due to California’s drought.

Jerry Brown was governor of California during the last severe drought from 1975-76 and recognizes that the current drought is just as serious. According to, Brown has pushed a “controversial $25 billion plan to build twin tunnels to ship water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to farmland and cities further south.”

Though the goal for water conservation has been exceeded, there is much more that needs to be done before this issue is put aside. Even now, saving even a drop of water is a drop in an even larger bucket.