Limiting your phone usage 

By: Crystal Juarez (Business Manager)

Due to people being on the phone excessively, Google and Apple came together to solve this issue. Screen Time is an application for phone users, and what this app does is tell you what your phone usage was for the past week. The average screen time is six hours or less, anything more is an excessive amount of time.

It’s one thing to use your phone for school work, but it’s another to use it for social media or games. According to The New York Times, “It’s not just how much time you spend on your phone that matters as it is what you’re doing with it. If the time you spend on your phone is meaningful, then it’s not wasted time.” If the screen time isn’t being used wisely, then it’s affecting you.

Blue light takes a huge toll on teens who are on their phone all the time during night. Blue light is blue wavelengths that is energy efficient lighting that comes from a screen, but being exposed to the screen so late at night causes people to lose sleep and stay awake for long periods of time.Teens have a habit to use their phones before going to bed and this affects their sleep because they decide to watch videos on Youtube or watch Snapchat stories for ten minutes, but ten minutes turns into an hour, and then that turns into two, and so on.

According to Harvard University, “Even dim light can interfere with a person’s circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion… Light at night is part of the reason so many people don’t get enough sleep… researchers have linked short sleep to increased risk for depression, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.” Using your phone at night is harmful to your body. It’s necessary to get the eight or nine hours of sleep; your sleep affects what your mood will be the next day.

I use the application Screen Time and Bedtime; both of the apps became useful to me and I use them everyday. The Screen Time app tells me what percentage of apps I use and every Sunday it tells me my average screen time and whether it  decreased or increased since a week ago. The Bedtime app tells me at what time I need to sleep and what time I need to wake up. Before going to sleep it warns me and at the time it blocks all notifications and calls so I won’t be tempted to use my phone. In the morning it wakes me up to an alarm; it has my results ready for me and tells me how many hours I slept at night. I recommend both of these apps because they are useful and help me. I go to school feeling refreshed and pumped.

Teens should stay away from their phones one or two hours before going to bed and avoid using entertainment or media apps so much. Sleep is necessary, so put down that phone and get some sleep.