Overview of Kelly’s educational summer tour

By: Gaby Quintero (Online Editor)

John F. Kennedy chemistry teacher Kari Kelly has the opportunity to take Kennedy students on a two and a half week trip to Europe this incoming summer. The program will run from June 21 to July 7, 2019.

 Anyone associated with Kennedy is able to go on this trip, including students and their relatives. The trip costs $4955, which includes flights, transportation within Europe, hotel rooms, entrances to activities/sights, guided tours, and daily dining. A $95 deposit must be made before March 1, 2019 to ensure a spot on the same flight as everyone involved in the tour. A late fee will be charged to those who enroll after this deadline.

 This year’s tour will take students to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and France. Since there are no one-way flights to Ireland, participants will have to get onto another plane in the East Coast. Once in Europe, students will be taking a ferry, subway, and a boat to move from city to city.

 Kelly reported, “This year students will get to see what it’s like to live in an agrarian place.”

 She wants students to learn how to use public transportation systems, something many students don’t learn at a young age. Additionally, she’s excited to see students enjoy their summer with a little more freedom.

 Alumni Juan Raygoza, who participated in the 2017 summer trip, confessed, “… I feel very grateful to have gone because many people go their entire life without traveling.”

 Raygoza reported that he was fascinated by everything he saw on the trip. He loved learning about the different cultures throughout Europe and learning how to enjoy little moments in life.

 This will be Kelly’s second time traveling to Europe with students. In 2017 she traveled with six Kennedy seniors to London, Paris, Florence, and Rome. Her 2021 trip will also visit these cities. Kelly recounted that her favorite memory was when, “… we were sitting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower with a crepe in our hands… [the kids] were mesmerized with the way the tower lit up in front of them.” She’ll never forget how happy the six students were last year throughout the whole trip.

 The whole trip is planned and organized by Education First, an international program that specializes in giving students a chance to experience new cultures through traveling. Kelly stated that having an experienced company organize the trip takes most of the pressure off of traveling. Education First provides educators with tickets, maps, and other resources to make their tour easy to navigate.

 Alumni Ignacio Guillen declared, “I wanted to experience new things. I wanted to learn about other cultures… I got out of my daily routine, and that was fun.”

 Some benefits of going on this educational tour include learning about and experiencing  new cultures, improving language skills, and having fun while learning more about European history. Kelly’s main goal for the trip is to teach students that it’s okay for people in other countries to live differently. Education First gives students the opportunity to try cultural foods while tailoring to student interest.

 Stop by Kelly’s classroom in C202 for more information about the tour. Start saving up money to go on the next educational tour.