Kennedy suffers a defeat against the Granada Highlanders

by Gurpreet Grewal (Sports Editor) – 9/26/17

The Kennedy Cougars show determination before their game

The Kennedy football team attempted to continue their winning streak against their rivals, the Granada Highlanders, with a new game plan and revised tactics. The game was held on Friday, September 15th at Granada Hills Charter High School.

The Granada Highlander’s defeated the Cougars (63-21) on Friday. Last season the Kennedy boys defeated the Highlanders (26-24) and claimed the trophy, Tina, after a five year drought. Football practices were held from 6th period till 6 p.m. due to what was on the line. Practice consisted mostly of getting accustomed to new positions. Kennedy’s overall varsity record for this season so far is 0-4, due to the recent loss against Granada.

According to varsity quarterback Gio Maffei, “The seniors on the team had a stronger mindset, because this was the last time we played Granada. This year’s players do have more potential than last year’s, and it can be seen, because they’re more determined in practice.”

The team changed up their whole defense in order to be faster and more aggressive. Tackling drills has been a concept that the team has been taking up this season with more focus.

Carlos Torres, varsity slot receiver, had four touchdowns against Verdugo Hills, but his absence on the field due to a shoulder dislocation when playing against North Hollywood High School, was felt.

“Due to my injury our quarterback was left with only two reliable receivers. He was stuck throwing to the outsides. However, at the end of the day our football team played a great game and we gave it our all,” replied Torres.

There are six games left in the season with still a chance for a turnaround. Defense is what the main focus is on, along with passing towards the middle of the field. The players have been nonstop conditioning for the next game against Sylmar on Friday, September 22.

Torres stated, “I believe we are a very talented team, and we as a team need to find the passion for the sport again. We need to take it one play at a time.”