The importance of Home Economics

By: Luis Caldera (staff writer)

In a society where real life skills like home management are needed, home economics is a necessary and important class for high school students to take. Home economics at Kennedy High School is still offered but only as an elective.

One reason why home economics should be a required class instead of an elective is because of the simple fact that many students don’t have some of the simplest skills, like being able to cook. Although math and English are important classes, home economics will offer students skills they can put to use right after high school. It will also give them skills they will continue to use for the rest of their life.

A big complaint that students always have is that they aren’t taught how to do simple things like pay bills or do taxes. Home economics would be very beneficial to all students since it would teach them these necessities.

Arguments that are commonly made by those who oppose home economics becoming a required class say that it should be something parents teach their children. However, this may not always be a viable option for Kennedy students.

Students at Kennedy High School who may not have the best home environment would benefit the most from home economics. Not all students can always depend on their parents to teach them simple life skills. This can be for multiple reasons. For example, if you’re parents aren’t necessarily skilled in things like cooking or home repairs, home economics could be a resource that can teach students these important skills.

One big problem that could be associated with the class is that there might not be enough space in a students schedule to fit home economics. However, there are many classes that are not important life skills that students are more encouraged to take than others due to class sizes. Many students feel that they should take ceramics or drawing instead of home economics.

The requirement to take a visual or performing arts could be changed to where you would need to take at least one year of home economics. Other art classes should be something students should take if they have time in there schedule. It should not be the other way around.

Home economics is a lot more important class and if the A-G requirements are changed in LAUSD to require home economics to be taken, many students would benefit from the change. Students are not taught enough about how to be on your own home economics could change that.