The little joys that are given to seniors, when applying to colleges

by Zainab Laghari (Staff Writer) – 12/14/15

A Kennedy student looking at the colleges that accepted past students
A Kennedy student looking at the colleges that accepted past students

The best time of the year is when November is filled with the excitement from college applications. There is so much going on where we tend to forget the holidays that are coming around nothing feels better than the “little joys” one gets from applications.  

If we all recall Thanksgiving break, we all know the endless hours spent typing away on our keyboards. Yet the most stimulating and exciting thing was putting our high school grades into the application. There was no fear that we would accidentally put in the wrong grade into the system. I didn’t mean to say that I got an A in AP Calculus, but no one, including me, knows right? Then there was that endless routine of looking over every grade inputted, as if the correct grades would make us win the lottery ticket.

Ironically though, applying to college is only going to make you broke before you get rich. If one doesn’t qualify for a fee waiver, there’s the price tag looking over your shoulder before it surprises you when submitting your application. How much money is going to be willingly given? How many “joyful” tears are silently going to be shed?

While one is trying to put their ordinary self in extraordinary light, grey hairs are starting to peek from their roots. Founded after the idea of high GPAs and high SAT scores being preached throughout our high school years, the fountain of aging was discovered. Due to this, no one proudly expresses how they graduated college anymore but how one has managed to apply to college. Let one reminisce back to application days, where eye bags accessorized our faces and wrinkles tattooed our skin.

Then came the hours of personal statements. The sweet agony of thinking how you should start over last minute and come up with a better story. There’s only the numerous topics of our parents, the day you saved the world, or how you made world peace. It’s all about that heartwarming feeling of looking at your personal statement on the application and questioning your whole life at that instance.

After finishing the golden ticket to the next chapter of our lives, it’s safe to say nothing beats that exhilarating feeling of college apps. The tremendous amount of money and time spent to find out all the amazing universities you won’t, or will be, attending next year is better than anything else in the world.