By: Gessele Malubag

 Starting another season as Open Division (a division in which top teams compete for the state crown) this year, the Kennedy softball team plans to win the Open Division Championships and keep this title for more years to come. With their hard work and dedication to this team, the Lady Cougars were able to get this far and stand with this division for three years. 

  The team has been placed in the top eight for their division each year. The girls put in all their time and effort to have as many successful seasons as they can, and they do so by practicing many hours on end and never giving up.

  “We read ‘Mind Gym’ to give us a better understanding of how to mentally prepare ourselves for the season to come,” stated catcher Leah Leal.

  They all support each other and uplift one another, making greater bonds which makes it easier to practice on the field.

  The girls team up and work together to improve the team as a whole. They profusely practice five to six days a week for their games and tournaments within the season. 

  Center-field Alyssa Sierra claimed, “We are grateful to have grown up playing with or against many of the other players that are open division contenders. This gives us an upper hand of knowing what to focus on during practice.”

  With the opportunity of playing against amazing players from different teams, the Lady Cougars get to see what they need to improve all together or individually per player. They get to work on the fundamentals on the field at practice which gets them closer to their goal of winning the CIF Championships.

  Along with managing this team and wanting to reach their goal, the team also has to balance school and their personal lives as well. Time management plays a large role for this team, especially for the seniors, since they all have school work to complete and deadlines to meet during the season. It can be stressful at times, but they always figure out ways to stay organized and be on top of everything. The girls work just as hard in the classroom as they are out on the field.

  “We not only prepare ourselves mentally and physically, but we also carry our work ethic into the classroom. We know if we aren’t putting in work in the classroom, we are only not hurting ourselves but the team,” added Leal.

  They know how to manage their time wisely to the point where it does not affect their practices to an extent.

  The Lady Cougars know just what to do for their season this year and will continue working hard to achieve their long-time goal. They will proceed to practice strenuously and work with each other in unison to achieve their goal and win the CIF Open Division Championships this year.