The cancellation to Netflix’s original series is a devastating blow to television

by Caridad Valle (Entertainment Editor) – 8/31/17

Sense8 was recently cancelled by Netflix, and the result of that is the death of a television show that was able to fully represent diversity and current social issues. Netflix CEO Reed Hasting publicly said that he wanted the company to “take more risk.” Although Sense8 took the risk that no other television has ever attempted to do before.

The Wachoswskis have said that their intention for the show was to create a series that would explore heavy themes that no other series has shown before. Sense8 explored sexuality, gender, politics, and religion in ways that most television shows, especially sci-fi shows, have ignored. The show revolves around eight individuals who are able to connect with one another’s thoughts and actions. The series has a full international ensemble cast and shoots at different destinations throughout the world.

The show was written beautifully with well-rounded characters such as a transgender woman (Jamie Clayton) who has more to her character than just being transgender, and a Hispanic gay actor (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) who has to constantly battle his personal life with his career. Sense8 dealt with discrimination, racism, homophobia, and transphobia on top of having an extremely interesting main plot which speaks on corporate corruption.

The timing of the cancellation has also sparked controversy as it was cancelled on the first day of Pride month and is deemed by fans as “The Best LGBT Show.” The season finale of Sense8 also left the show with questions unanswered and leaves fans upset knowing that they may never get to see the final fate of their beloved characters.

Fans are desperate for the renewal of the globally diverse show and have created a petition on for Netflix to consider renewing the show for a third season. The petition has reached over 400,000 signatures, and viewers have also called Netflix’s customer service to ask representatives if something could be done to salvage the show.

Netflix always keeps their data top secret, so the reasoning behind the cancellation of the show still remains unknown. Although audiences believe that it might be due to ratings. It goes to show how an incredibly relevant show with critical acclaim can still not be enough. It’s extremely upsetting since connecting with the viewers should be Netflix’s top priority. The Sense8 fanbase is extremely supportive and describe how this series helps groups who are constantly erased from mainstream media, like the LGBT community and minorities.

The television industry just lost one of the most needed shows of our time. The most heartbreaking part of it all is that Netflix destroyed the legacy of a show that based itself on a group of very diverse people that centers on building around love and acceptance despite being different.