Digging into the Trump Administration

By: Carina Rodriguez

  The longest government shutdown in U.S. history just concluded, and all so President Trump can get his border wall. For 35 days, government employees were out of a job due to the tug of war between the President and Congress. On January 15, it was agreed upon to enact a temporary continuing resolution as a solution to reopen government agencies. There is still no agreement concerning the $5.6 million barrier.  

   Trump has made it clear that the reason he wants the wall is to keep others out. Calling illegal immigrants thieves and rapists, he disrespects the people who come into the U.S. wanting to earn the famous American Dream. They abandon their homes in hopes of rising out of poverty.

   Last year, the U.S. State Department issued a currently active advisory on five Mexico states stating it was dangerous on account of crime. It begs the question, are these immigrants leaving for their safety or to bring drugs to a new place? If it was just drug trafficking, the immigrants would not be looking to build lives in America and stay, so they are clearly here for an opportunity that they can no longer get in their own country.  

  If Trump is concerned about the lives of those who are not citizens, the shutdown sends the opposite message. 800,000 direct employees were affected, not including the employees that work underneath them. 420,000 employees worked without pay, while the rest were dismissed.  

   “I think it’s admirable that some government workers continued to work when it’s abundantly clear that the higher-ups aren’t concerned about them,” vocalized senior Diva Carton.

  Several people survive on their two monthly paychecks. Suddenly these workers, most of whom have families, are not able to provide for those families. They are not given any support while the President and Congress do not have their incomes affected. .

  During the shutdown, the economy lost $12 billion, which is almost double the amount for the wall. What makes matters worse is the potential that another shutdown can ensue. The money lost could have been easily used to build the wall. A more humanitarian use is to providing task forces that will go to countries (that cross the border), to get control over crime issues.

  The U.S. has been known multiple times to enter countries for the reason of improvement.  Instead of, banishing people who come to the United States for rescue, the government can fix the problem at hand. Gaining the permission of Mexico’s President, the U.S. can send people who can’t be bribed to turn the other cheek from illegal activity. It would not only benefit outsiders and hopefully government employees won’t be tossed away due to immigration issues.