By: Jennalyn Reyes

  Kennedy is implementing a new policy concerning the tardy issue that has come up in the student body the policy is called the ‘Do-over’. The new policy is that there will be an hour of detention given for every five tardies that a student receives. 

  The people that are in charge of the detention are going to be Pedro Martinez, one of the computer teachers here at Kennedy, and Trebor Jacques, the Kennedy assistant principal in charge of discipline and attendance. Their plan for students is to make the ‘Do-over’ an experience that is not punitive but rather teaches students how to realize that they should want to be on time and in class. 

 The staff said that they will not be counting the tardies that students have already accumulated this semester as part of the number of hours that they have to serve for detention. For example, even if a student has fifteen tardies from earlier this semester, it will not turn into three hours of detention that has to be served. Tardies also are not going to roll over into the next semester. 

 The ‘Do-over’ policy will take place after school so that it does not interfere with a student’s academic schedule, but when asked about students who are active in sports and other extracurricular activities and how they will be affected when it comes to the ‘Do-Over’ policy Martinez said “…that matter is completely between the coach or the head of their extracurricular activity and the student”.

  The Do-over will take place after school from three to four and so for every hour that a student owes, they have to serve that many amount of days. As a consequence of not serving their time, the staff plans on perhaps doubling the time that they have to serve. 

  When asked some students disagreed with this policy because many of them have tardies due to the fact that they can’t control the time that their parent or guardian is dropping them off. Most of students tardies accumulate from being late to homeroom. 

  As a solution to this Martinez advises students to make their parents quickly scribble an excuse note to give to the attendance office to clear the tardy. 

  The problem with this is that most of the time the students are in so much of a rush to get to class that they don’t have time to wait for their parents to write a note saying that they are excused. If that is the case, students should know that they can bring a note the next day to excuse the prior days tardy, so time isn’t as big of an issue.

  It’s a new program, and the creators are hopeful that will help reduce the amount of tardies that students are gathering, as the ability to get to a place on time is something that they consider to be an essential life skill.