Mr. Holmes Bakehouse brings the croissant-muffin to the LA district.

By Masha Yastreb (Staff Writer) -11/15/16

The cruffin making it's debut in the LA scene.
The cruffin making it’s debut in the LA scene.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, in Huntington Park, made a smashing entrance with the cruffin – croissant muffin- at the beginning of the month. The new bakery is bringing in hundreds of customers with their cruffin alone. This inventive hybrid has caught the attention of many.
A cruffin is croissant dough baked into the shape of a muffin, covered in sugar, and filled with custard. The flavor of the custard filling changes daily. A rating of 4.5/5 goes to the cruffin, having a crispy, flakey exterior and a creamy interior. The only downside about the sweet was that it is heavily filled with custard.
After waiting in a separate line of at least 15 people, the customers received a token to receive the cruffin. Then, the customers would go inside, order their pastries, and wait in a separate line designated for the cruffin, paying $4.50 for the product. In total, it took about 40 minutes to get this cruffin at their location on 111 South Ave 59, Los Angeles. Some customers even camp out for the cruffin at 7:30 a.m, 30 minutes before opening time.
Customers are only allowed two cruffins per person. “It varies how many are produced, but some don’t come out well. Yesterday there were 130; today there are 80,” informed Kate Macias, Bakehouse employee.
To make this pastry happen, the chefs come in at 12:30 AM. The process to make the croissant-muffin takes a total of three days, so customers can’t purchase them if they want them after they sell out, and they sell out quickly. Cruffins sell out by 9 AM like clockwork. The weekends are the busiest for them, selling out of their products by 12:30 PM. During weekdays, they sell out by 2 PM, two hours before closing time.
The cruffin is one of the bakery’s most sold and most desired items. “People come in even when we’re closed and ask ‘Do you have the cruffin?’” explained Dylan Wexler, Bakehouse employee.
On top of the cruffin, the strawberry-jalapeño croissant and churro croissant are popular. The strawberry-jalapeño croissant, costing $4.50, is an interesting combo, and it creates a savory and sweet combination that makes a surprisingly delectable dessert. It’s creamy custard interior surrounded by a soft croissant makes this dessert a 4/5. However, like the cruffin, this croissant also had an excess amount of custard, and it wasn’t very well-distributed throughout the croissant.
Next up, the churro croissant with a cost of $4. Simple yet delicious, this pastry is another soft croissant, with a slightly crispy exterior, covered with cinnamon sugar and filled with sweet custard. Custard in this croissant wasn’t as overwhelming as the previous two pastries, but the center was still oozing with the creamy filling. One of the best pastries they have no doubt, a 4.5/5.
Customer service was outstanding as well. They are kind and care to the customers need. They create a light-hearted environment with occasional jokes and polite conversation. These employees also take precaution with their pastries. “We follow strict health codes. If the [cream-filled] pastries are still out by 12, we have to take them down because they’ll go bad,” Wexler mentioned.
Wexler also revealed that there will be some new pastries coming out by the end of October or the beginning of November.