Technology advancements that would improve Kennedy

by Valeria Torres  (Staff Writer) – 5/14/15

An old computer that needs to be changed
An old computer that needs to be changed

Advancing towards the future is advancing in technology. As recommended by WASC, investment in technology advancements at Kennedy are much needed to accommodate to the needs of the students and improve the overall school’s academic performance. This includes the replacement of old desktop computers, improving the internet, and providing more printers on campuses.

In WASC’s last visit to Kennedy they were delighted with the academic performance and environment however; they added that there is a higher need for technological improvement at the school.

Many students struggle in completing their tasks at school due to the internet not functioning properly or blocking many websites along with it being slow. However, the issue may also be how old the computers are and how slow they work. This also relates back to the teachers sometimes having “trouble entering the grades online and even taking attendance” as Kennedy Spanish teacher Maria Prado said. New Macbooks or newer computers along with an improved internet connection would solve these issues, as new improvements have been added to the new wireless network now.

Another issue that concerns the students at Kennedy High School is the constant need to be printing things and not having enough printers available. As junior Maritza Aviles affirmed, “I always have several documents to print for my history class, and sometimes I don’t have access to a printer at home, so I have to struggle at school finding a teacher who will let me use the printer.” Although the library provides printing services, it does have a cost. Therefore the school should invest more in providing more printers. Or more teachers should give the alternative of using Google Docs.

The acquiring of more iPads would give the students more access to research in classrooms. This would give students less excuses to not complete their projects or essays, homework, etc. And it has already been proven to make activities more fun and easy in Keri Kelly’s chemistry class as sophomore Hazel Diaz said, “Taking quizzes online and practicing problems on the iPads makes the material easier for me.” iPads should be given to each individual student on campus.

Testing is now being held on iPads for the first time this year with the Common Core Smart Balance Test, which is completely electronic. If results go well, all testing will be held electronically instead of in paper.

It’s time to stop spending so much money on books and instead investing in technology. In the long run, a lot of paper would be saved, and the academic needs of the students would be fulfilled, therefore improving their education.