Review on Sadie Hawkins

by Toree Fisher (Staff Writer) – 5/20/16

Sadie Hawkins poster
Sadie Hawkins poster

Student Government held a Sadie Hawkins dance for the first time at Kennedy, which was in the main gym; all grade levels could experience the dance at an affordable price of $3 pre-sale and $5 at the door. The dance started at 7 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m.

With this being the first time, Student Government was skeptical about how it would turn out and if this event would continue in the upcoming years. However, it was a huge success that definitely may become a new tradition explained Student Government’s vice president Adriana Ventura.

The idea of having a Sadie Hawkins dance was based on MORP, a senior event with a theme of glow in the dark that many seniors enjoyed. Student Government decided to open a similar event to all students.

Like MORP, this event’s theme was glow in the dark, and Student Government encouraged students to wear white.The main gym was decorated with neon lights, posters with paint, glow sticks, and balloons.

There was several students from every grade level that came out to participate in this event. As a result, the first 200 people to buy their tickets got free glow sticks. “The glow sticks were a fun addition,” explained junior Stephanie Franco. Also, there was a station for students to get free body paint.

Food and drinks were served outside the gym. In addition to that, smoothies from Swirls and Hearts were sold for $5.

Alumni Miguel Galvez (DJ Migo) was the DJ for this event. There was mixed reviews on the music selections. Senior John Reyes stated that “I enjoyed the music; there was a lot of EDM sets.” On the contrary, senior Maya Pierce thought the music selections could have been better.

Over 500 tickets were sold and a couple of thousand dollars was raised. The money made is going towards events for next semester, such as homecoming.

This event was so successful because many students attended the dance and enjoyed the glow in the dark theme. Overall, students had a great time and hope Sadie Hawkins will continue each year