By: Rodrigo Mercado

From covering “Otis” by Jay-Z & Kanye West on YouTube into a webcam straight from her bedroom in Inglewood, CA to rocking the stage in front of thousands in Premios Juventud 2013, Becky G is an aspiring 16 year old hoping to make it to superstardom.

Her debut hit “Becky from the Block,” a tribute to Jennifer Lopez’ “Jenny from the Block,” sees her rapping about her life growing up, including doing chores at her house, helping her dad with money, cooking with her grandma, and living everyday life in Inglewood. Her music video to “Becky from the Block” was shot in her hometown with her friends and family and surprise guest of Jennifer Lopez,  the original girl from the block. The music video has 7 million views on YouTube. Her Extended Play “Play It Again” was released on July 16th with 5 tracks, one which features internationally famous artist Pitbull.

Her EP Play It Again very much shows her ability to flow through a beat like “Play It Again,” and her singing ability is shown in a song like “Becky from the Block” in which she sings the chorus. The only flaw is her constant use of auto tune. Her musical style could be compared to Jennifer Lopez, whom she admires, or a Rihanna.

Born in Inglewood, California the 16 year old, Rebecca Marie Gomez, otherwise known as Becky G, always dreamed of becoming a star but most importantly helping her family. Not only is she a rapper, but she also plays guitar and sings and writes her own songs.

She was noticed by Dr. Luke, a music agent for Sony Music Entertainment, who said that he instantly knew she was a star and that he was 100 percent in on making that come true just from watching her rap to “Otis.” Shortly after she was signed with Kemosabe and Sony Music Entertainment her life went from zero to sixty as she went from washing dishes and babysitting to featuring on tracks with Cher Lloyd, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, and shooting a music video with Jennifer Lopez.

Her commercial success has lead to a steadily increasing rate of teenage fans. Kennedy freshman Elza Hernandez mentioned that “she’s very pretty and her songs are very catchy and just fun.”

Her family went through a very tough economic time when her parents lost their jobs and lost their home and were forced to live in her grandfather’s garage, so Gomez started going to auditions for commercials to bring income for her and her family. She was going to public school and doing commercials for networks like Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and kids at school teased her thinking she had money, but in reality her family was struggling.

Only sixteen years old, the young talented rapper has a long career ahead of her. As of now it seems as if there will be a bright future ahead of her.