by Gabby Orellana:

The girls JV volleyball team practices hard for their upcoming season. The team hopes to have a successful season and learn from the losses of their two pre-season games against El Camino andNorth Hollywood.

The team practices everyday for 3 hours, which includes 45 minutes of conditioning before practice and individual strength training for every position. The team is currently getting ready for their upcoming game againstSan FernandoHigh Schoolthis Monday. This is a team that neither Coach Chanti nor Captain Adriana Ruiz view as a threat.

Captain Ruiz sees her biggest competitor asSylmarHigh School, “because their ranked number one in league. They’re aggressive, competitive, and I know they’re capable of many things.” In order to defeat not only Sylmar but other schools in the league, Ruiz feels that the team must be more aggressive, become mentally stronger as far as positivity, and try their hardest in every game.

Coach Chanti states that the team’s biggest competitor isn’t another team but is in fact themselves. “I believe [we] are our greatest competitor because we have to be ready to push past our own mental blocks and challenges in order to succeed. If we can’t push past our own mental blocks, we won’t be able to beat any team.” Coach Chanti believes the team will overcome any mental obstacles. This season, and grow as an individual which is more important than losing.

This past Wednesday and Thursday, the girls JV volleyball team dealt with their loss againstNorth Hollywood(0-2) and El Camino (0-2). Captain Ruiz thinks, “I believe we lost againstNorth Hollywoodand El Camino because we didn’t have enough time to practice, and most of the girls on the team were nervous because this was their first game. After a certain point when we realized we were losing by a lot, we mentally broke down and stopped playing.”

Ruiz says that positive thinking and high spirits is what the team needs to work on to win. Ruiz wants the team to grow in confidence and be “the best team possible”. These two games will not define the rest of the team’s season as one of loss.

Coach Chanti says, “If anything, the ability to play against teams that are better than us and better than most of the schools in our league gave us the upper hand; we will go play hard this Monday and overcome any obstacles we have.” The team will not dwell on losses; they will try to “prosper in success” this season and obtain growth.