Diverse ways to use free time

by Katrina Simon (Staff Writer) – 3/27/15

A blank community service sheet waiting to be filled up
A blank community service sheet waiting to be filled up

Spring break is a relaxing time for students to take a time off from all the hard work from school and dash off to sandy beaches, road trips, and parties. Is giving into free time really the best use of time though?

Spring break gives students chances to catch up on school work that they procrastinated on, to study, to relax, to spend time with friends and family, to spend time completing hours of community service, and to visit colleges around their area.

Despite getting good grades and scholarships, procrastination is the thief of time that students had to study. Why not beat it with the time provided by your spring break vacation? Spend hours studying and preparing for classes before vacation ends. Imagine falling behind in a class in the middle of the semester. That would be a nuisance.  No student would want to risk failing any class. Spring break vacation is the answer.

Visiting local universities is productive, especially during this time of the year as a junior or a senior. The campus is filled to capacity and is very active. This would allow students to enlighten themselves on university life and what life is like on campus. Visits would also allow them to get the academic information on their majors based on their expertise, to have permissions to sit in a class and have a sense of what real lectures feel like, and to get any other academic information that they want. Any college would be useful; it doesn’t have to be the one that they are planning on going to.

Liliana Navarro, a Kennedy student, visited the California State University (CSUN) as a senior and believes visiting a university nearby will help her seek her further career goals. “I learned about all the different majors I could pursue for my career and about the history of the school,” Navarro admitted. Along the way, she was also educated on campus life, which made her “even more willing to accept the college CSUN.”

A full week off also bestows enough time for high school students to work on community services hours since students are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours in order to walk on stage. The diverse opportunities students can get hours within the community service include: church activities, Key Clubs, YMCA, animal shelters, food banks, hospitals, police programs, and the list goes on.

Regardless of academic activities, spring break can be restful. Students have just enough time to take a break educationally and spend time with their loved ones, go on vacations, go egg hunting, and create stories to tell their friends and classmates when they get back from break.