The Serial podcast is having a huge effect on a current trial

by Sebastian Quezada (Staff Writer) – 4/13/15

Serial hits number one on iTunes
Serial hits number one on iTunes

During the past few months, the Serial podcast has received major attention from the public by finishing its first season with 68 million downloads on iTunes.

Serial made its season debut on October 3, 2014 with episodes coming out every Thursday. The podcast was already being pre-ordered before its release, which led it to be ranked number one on iTunes, and it was on top of the list for a few more weeks.

The story behind the podcast that captivated the attention of many people is a murder mystery that took place in Baltimore in 1999. That victim was a young, teenage girl named Hae Min Lee who was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed. The podcast is told by American journalist Sarah Koenig, who was the major factor in the whole story. She investigated this whole case and reviewed all the trials that took place during 1999 when the incident occurred.

The story surrounds itself around Adnan Syed’s trial and tries to investigate what really happened and if he was wrongly convicted or if he was guilty. In the first few episodes of the podcast, Koenig reveals the type of person Syed was, and she talks to every person she could find who knows about Syed and about the murder that occurred that year.

The podcast has had a huge effect on Syed’s case as of recently. Koenig has gone deeper and deeper to find more information about the case, and as she does, she starts reopening the case and making it possible for Syed to have another chance to see freedom. As Koenig talks to more and more people who know about the case, she starts to get more clues and details about the story.

The interviews become intense and the people Koenig begins to talk to are people who have never been questioned or even been considered as suspects in the case. With the information Koenig begins to unveil as the episodes go on, she really convinces the listeners how it’s possible that Syed could possibly get another trial.

The information that was provided by Koenig was so critical that it led to investigators and then the court to take second look at Syed’s case. Investigators began reviewing fingerprints and details about the case, it led them to think that Syed was actually innocent from the information and clues that they have received.

After having the investigators and a huge amount of information provide that Syed could actually be innocent, it all led to the court in Maryland.   Three weeks after the end of Season 1, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals made a decision which allowed Syed to appeal his conviction.

There is no doubt that the podcast had a huge impact on the case of Syed. By gathering new information and giving this case a second chance, Koenig has been able to gather people from across the country to come to Syed’s defense and has even led to the court giving him a chance at a trial. The first season of Serial has come to an end, and as of now all the listeners can do is wait and see how Syed’s new trial goes and if he is either guilty or not.