Slenderman review

By: Angela Murillo (Arts & Living Editor)- 9/28/18

   Slenderman was a new horror movie released in early August that failed to be scary. The main characters are four teenage girls: Halie, Chloe, Wren, and Katie. However though having the well known monster in the movie it had failed horribly in execution to give anyone a fright.  

   The plot of the story makes very little sense. The protagonists are high school girls whose main goal is to impress the boys. When the boys say they will try to summon the infamous Slenderman, the girls decide to do the same. It’s clear from the way Slenderman is summoned to the way the creature acts that the writers are making up their own rules and are ignoring the mythos of the creepypasta that launched the character.

   The acting was unbearable and uncomfortable to sit through. Seeing the actors trying to be these characters didn’t pay off. The characters did not feel like anything close to a real person. That doesn’t only fall on the actor’s laps but also the writer’s laps; the dialogue and characterization wasn’t  authentic or real

   The cinematography work was mediocre at best. The angles were nothing unique. The lighting in most scenes was off; it perhaps was to set a certain mood, but it just did not fit perfectly in that setting. Most of the camera work does focus on making it look “creepy” and “ominous.”

   As for the special effects, they was horrid and seemed very fake in many parts of the movie. It was as bad as the acting in the movie. One scene has one guy freaking out and twitching like a demon, which just seemed like a huge joke to laugh at. In another part a mirror shatters and the glass flies out, but it was amaturely rendered.

   The director for the movie was Sylvain White, who has worked on many other movies before Slender Man. White had only directed one other horror movie before Slender Man, that movie being I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer. Like Slender Man, that movie was also a flop. It makes sense as to why Slender Man failed to achieve a decent rating and did not seem scary at all.

   The movie in general was a mess, it seemed rushed with little to no care thought out. With the errors of acting, camera angles and the special effects, Slender Man receives a rating of 1 shadows out of 5.