All requirements seniors need to know

By: Natalie Fuentes (staff writer)

Seniors are graduating in June of next year. In order for them to graduate they have to go through a series of contracts and many requirements.These requirements decide whether the students are eligible to graduate on stage.

Seniors need to complete a number of things such as:senior portfolio, resume, community service hours, the A-G requirements, and must have 210 credits.

The A-G requirement is what students really need to focus on. In order for seniors to graduate they need to meet the standards that are required, which are: taking four years of English, three years of Math, two years of Science, History, and Spanish, one year of art, and one year of college preparation class. During senior year students have to take one semester of government and economics class.

Some student who can’t complete their credits take Saturday school to get the extra help they need.

After completing this requirement,seniors must have a total of 210 credits.If they don’t meet the standards, they will not be walking across the stage.

The most important is the senior portfolio.Not only is that where they keep all awards and test scores but universities look at them and your record.  It includes the FAFSA application, SAT scores, letters of recommendation, and awards that students have received,but most importantly you need your Resume.

Students must have their SAT scores in their portfolio,because if applying for college that’s one of the first things they’ll look at.Any SAT scores they have colleges and Universities will inspect.

If they ever need help , they can ask multiple staff members. Mr. Abarr helps students with College applications and any papers that are or universities. Students who need help organizing can go to Dr.Hanover. Hanover helps students with resumes and anything that is needed.

Once seniors have everything in their portfolio, they will be interviewed by a parent and by a faculty member on campus at the end of the semester.

Another requirement that has seniors stressing out are the community service hours.Seniors are supposed to have 100 hours worth of community service.They earn them by helping out teachers and participating in variety of things.

While seniors prepare for their graduation,they must have completed their service learning project. They are to work in the quad and present to other students. Being in charge of this Dr.Hanover has students prepare and work for about a week or so until ready to present.

One non-stressing requirement is student cannot miss more than 7 days and have 3 tardies the entire school year. If they do they must clear it as soon as possible to be eligible.

Seniors only have a few more months to make up any requirements before it comes to end for them and say their farewells to everyone and the school.