by Karina Barbosa:

Vending machines should be available for students in every high school. Kennedy made a lot of changes to the vending machines and even took the majority of them out, and that unsurprisingly made some of the students upset.

Principal Blake commented, “I would love to sell whatever you kids like, but it’s against school policy, and I follow the rules to keep my job.”

LAUSD decided that no school can have junk food in their vending machines, so they replaced the “junk” with other healthier items. The whole idea was to provide students with healthier foods.

By lunch time, students look forward to getting a snack from their vending machines. And as a teen, they want the snacks that were once in the vending machines at Kennedy High, such as Hot Cheetos, cookies, funyons, gummy worms, etc.

Blake mentioned, “These new items in the vending machines bring less money to the student body on average of about $500 a month” The money Kennedy makes off the vending machines benefits the school by paying for the pool for swim team, field trips and sports equipment.

Junior Francesca Manfort mentioned, “I do miss those vending machines. The snacks they had were more enjoyable, and now I have to pack a lunch or just hang in there until after basketball practice.”  The majority of Kennedy students pack a lunch or find a student that is selling these snacks at school to buy as if they were the vending machines.

However, Kennedy’s vending machines now have less food and reduced portions, and while the prices are even higher. It is unbelievable! Vending machines snacks used to be 50 cents, 65 cents, or 75 cents. Now the prices are $1.00.

The machines by the SPs have recently been removed because they are building a fence to separate Jane Adams and Kennedy. That leaves Kennedy with a total of four machines on campus. Senior Marc Fernandez commented, “There are not enough vending machines for the amount of kids we have. They are also very over priced.”

Students repine on a daily basis; it is bad enough the school lunches are horrible and now vending machines are as well.