by Rebecca Mejia:

My brother, Matias, was diagnosed with autism when he was about six years old. I remember watching him struggle in school and how he acted differently around other people. As a child and even now, he seemed to be like every other boy his age, in my eyes.

These days when I tell people that I have an autistic brother, they find it hard to believe because he looks like an average fifteen year old in high school. In their minds, an autistic child looks or acts a certain way. This mind set comes from the many doctors who set a standard for autistic children.

Autistic children are seen by society, especially by teenagers in high school, as not able to understand things as easily as normal child or that they lack certain aspects. These assumptions are wrong in almost every way. In the dictionary it says that autism is “a pervasive developmental disorder of children, characterized by impaired communication, excessive rigidity, and emotional detachment.” has a list of many symptoms and signs of a child with autism. Some of those symptoms include: lack of social skills, communication difficulties, repetitive behaviors, and associated medical conditions. While these conditions may be true for any child with autism, it does not make them any different from children without autism.

As hard as it may seem to believe, there are many people, famous people in fact, who are autistic and have made some amazing creations in this world. released a list of famous people with autism, one of which was very surprising.

Many of you do not know who Satohi Tajiri is and what he did that made your childhood so special. Tajiri is the creator of Pokemon. He was diagnosed with AspergerSyndrome and was known as ‘Dr. Bug’ as a child. He got his nickname from his friends for his fascination of bugs. The idea of Pokemon was born when Tajiri watched two children play on their linked Game Boys and imagined a bug crawling across the link cable. Despite being autistic, he was able to create one of the most popular video game in the world, only second to Super Mario Brothers.

There are many obstacles that autistic children have to overcome as they get older in life, but it does not make them any different from children without autism. They learn, laugh, play, and have the same emotions as everybody else. It’s the short mindedness of people that make them seem like they’re different.