Travis Scott’s debut album

by Toree Fisher (Staff Writer) – 10/13/15

Travis Scott’s album cover

Rapper and Producer Travis Scott’s release of his free mixtape, Days before Rodeo, last summer led to the anticipation of his debut album Rodeo, which was released on September 4th.  As he produced artists such as Rihanna and Drake, Scott has made a name for himself with the release of Rodeo.

Days before Rodeo was not only a countdown for his debut album but also gave his fans a preview of what to expect on the album.  “Days before Rodeo portrayed his true talent as a hip hop artist, so I was eager for this upcoming album” explained sophomore Lindsey Savedraa.

Additionally, his announcement of his debut album’s title, Rodeo, and the reveal of his album cover on his instagram page made his fans more antsy for the release.

Rodeo includes singles such as “3500” and “Antidote” which both held a spot on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.  Also, his album features well known artist like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, T.I and the Weeknd. “Scott chose the best artist to collaborate with to put together a great album,” described Savedraa.

Through his album, the listeners get a sense of what Scott is all about musically. It was produced by Scott with additional help from producers such as West and Pharrell Williams. The collaboration between Scott and these producers was genius.

According to, the overall theme of Rodeo was “mastering your own out-of- control like the way a cowboy masters a stampeding bull at a rodeo.”

In his song “Never Catch Me”” , he raps “ 500 dollars is all we need, mama. Then we gon’ be on. Tired of seeing the lights off.” Scott’s lyrics expresses his straightforward attitude.

Scott’s fans immediately fell in love with his sound. “His original sound definitely makes him an artist to watch” Senior Samantha Verduzco explains, “3005 featuring 2 chainz and Future expresses Scott’s true originality.”

In addition, some may have considered this a start of something new for Scott’s career.

However, some people thought otherwise about Rodeo. “His music doesn’t really differentiate himself from other hip hop artists because it is something we have already heard before,” exclaimed senior Maya Pierce.

According to, “None of the record feels like ‘hits’ nor does he seem to be vying for radio play with them.”

On a scale of 1-10, Rodeo is a 4 due to his originality.