Is Justin’s new album a real game changer, or just a cover-up?

by Andrea Ortiz (Staff Writer) – 12/18/15

New album Purpose can now be seen everywhere
New album Purpose can now be seen everywhere

There’s no doubt Justin Bieber stole the world’s heart back in 2009 with his platinum album My World, where all seven of the songs charted on the Billboard Hot 100, but after years of the Biebs innocent tween stage, his reputation went south; many began to criticize his life decisions and leave him in the dust, until he released his new album PURPOSE: The Movement on November 13th, 2015.

The album was created, like the title intended, for a purpose, for listeners to receive some sort of inspiration or feeling of self-enlightenment; unlike his past albums, his new pieces work are on on a much deeper level, from the lyrics, to the video production, right down to the song titles themselves. He states that he strives to make a difference in every life he can. Even if the outcome is that he only helps one person, this album will be a success.

The instrumentals are a complete 180 to his old way of making music; a larger portion of the songs are filled with solid piano tunes and great rhythms from a single trumpet. All in all the instrumentals were presented in a perfectly harmonized fashion.

He has incorporated a larger variety of genres when it comes to his features. This album can be seen in a large variety of categories: dance, hip hop, R&B, and easy-going tunes. He has everyone from the infamous Kanye West to party makers Skrillex and Diplo, as well as the on the rise artist Halsey. These artists put a great twist on the album and spice it up just the right amount to keep a listener intrigued and wanting more.

Bieber began his career with self-loathing songs like Love Me but has now begun to release songs with names like Love Yourself. Small changes like these are great, for the listeners and for the artist. It’s always good to see a celebrity grow and change in a positive way rather than fall down the pitiful drain of failure. His pieces almost show a feeling of repentance rather than his normal, naive lyrics.

Speaking of positivity, this album bursts with it. Multiple songs are directly channeled towards not only leaving his past behind him but spreading a precise message. For example, Life Is Worth Living shares how valuable all of our lives are and that nothing we go through should make us end them, encouraging everyone to stay strong. “The meaning of forgiveness/ people makes mistakes/ doesn’t mean you have to give in/ life is worth living again” He sings from his heart and shares the true value of human life. Any piece that sends a message like that is hands down a true work of art.

Overall this album is spectacular in every essence of every way; it’s something new the world has never seen before from this pop star; I rate it 5 stars hands down.