Signs your ready for prom

By: Carlos Aguilar

There are a majority of people don’t really want to go to prom alone and need the perfect way to ask that special someone to prom. Stop looking to Google for answers. They were already done, so come up with original ideas.

To make a meaningful promposal you want to find something that both sides love or enjoy. You can center the idea over a place both have fond memories of just make sure you have a central theme.

A John F. Kennedy senior, Edgar Pacheco had made a poster following a theme of Harry Potter. Pacheco and Nicole Contreras both “love Harry Potter” expressed Pacheco.

Make sure that you have a plenty of time and being certain that if anything unfortunate or you want to add you will have the needed time rather than rushing, leaving you open for more mistakes. So plan it all out so you are certain that you have all the materials needed to make the promposal.

Location can also have a major effect on the poster. As an example, if you make a arcade-themed poster because the first date was an arcade, take your partner to said arcade and make your promposal. It makes it have a more emotional meaning to the place and makes the poster even better.

You don’t have to go out and spend lots of money for a poster; a common misconception is that it has to be a large banner for all to see, when in reality it’s really only meant to be for you and the person who will be asked to prom.

Timing can also add more emphasis for the promposal if there is a meaningful time that you both share. You also want to make sure that the person being asked has time to prepare and plan accordingly. You never want to do it the day before prom, and maybe not even the week before. It might be best to wait no later than a month to two weeks to show them the promposal. As most things there are some exceptions to these conditions, such as they were already going to prom alone.

You don’t have to make it extravagant sometimes it might be better to make things simple causing less stress and actually enjoy making it.