by Michael Chavez:

The money raised by Kennedy students showing their spirit by attending sporting events, including tickets and snacks, contributes to the school and the sport to increase profits. How is that money distributed though?

Football is Kennedy’s most profitable sport, making as much as $32,000 from the money that the football players put in to help pay for their equipment, students that pay to view the game, and snacks bought from the student store and snack shack. Out of all the profit earned, $30,000 goes to football to pay for the referees, transportation, police officials, administration and equipment.

The school has one general account. Before school starts, all the administrators discuss the amount of money each club gets. Mrs. Dirlam and Mrs. Blake then sit down with student government and wait for their approval. Once approved, they give each club the amount of money needed to obtain supplies and essential items for the school.

Income from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is distributed to each sport by the amount of profit that is made, which assists the school in earning its own money. Then the money left over from each sport, combined with the money from the district, increases income given to the student body to ensure that each student is satisfied and comfortable. Unfortunately, LAUSD and the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), a lead contributor to the school, have decreased the amount of money that provides the student body with revenue due to budgetary issues.

“The money that the student store makes is the student body’s money and that money is what is helping the school to pay for all the activities for this year and the year to come,” states Mrs. Dirlam, administrator for the athletic department. “Every student should purchase an activity card because that is a major help with money.”

The decrease in money has also taken a toll on the baseball program. The loss of the head coach has caused administrators to discuss the future of the program which is problematic due to baseball being a profitable sport. With the money being so rigid, the administration made a compromise to allow the baseball team to continue but many changes will be made so not as much money will be spent

Profits gained from activities, clubs, and sports are an important factor to building school profits. With students contributing money to these clubs and sports, profits increase to gain new materials and equipment for the school.