by Gabriella Orellana:

Contraceptives are offered here at Kennedy’s Clinic to help promote safe sex. It’s a good thing the clinic offers contraceptives because without them, we might just be a high school full of pregnancies and diseases.

Kennedys Clinic offers many forms of free contraceptives for students such as the Nuva Ring, Deproverla (the shot), the pill, the patch, and condoms. Marlene Leon and Gloria Gonzalez, nurses at the clinic, report that approximately 50% of students attending Kennedy take advantage of the free contraceptive programs.

Leon believes giving out contraceptives prevents pregnancy and diseases. “The contraceptives offered shows students they have options and allows people to have a family plan.”

The clinic wants to offer students a confidential environment where they can make their own decisions about intercourse.  Leon says, “We are here to plan, postpone, or prevent a pregnancy, we want to show students that if they do decide to have intercourse, there is a safe way.” Both Leon and Gonzalez agree with the fact that students are going to have sex regardless, and if they are, they might as well “use a method of birth control or condoms.”

Students at Kennedy enjoy the free contraceptives offered because they don’t have to go through the embarrassment of buying it themselves or asking parents. Senior Nicole Hancock rationalized, “I feel like if they didn’t have contraceptives, I would be more likely to get pregnant due to unprotected sex.”

Sophomore Deondre Harris believes it’s good that the clinic offers condoms because he wouldn’t want to ask his parents for some. When asking a group of 10 female students if they would use the birth control or condoms offered at the clinic, 9 out of 10 said they would use them. 75% of Kennedy’s boy’s basketball team agreed that they would use or have used the free contraceptives at the clinic.

Ms. B, a student supervisor at Kennedy High School, likes that they offer this program at Kennedy because she feels, “It is necessary for all teens to be able to access their options.”

Students are going to have sex regardless of the teen clinic offering free forms of contraceptives. Teenagers will make their own decisions about having sex, and the fact that our clinic offers a program which offers contraceptives to help students prevent STDs and pregnancy is great. If you decide to involve yourself in such an activity, you might as well be safe instead of sorry; Kennedy’s Clinic gives students the opportunity to practice safe sex.