How to successfully apply for the SAT exam

by Juan Canela (Staff Writer) – 5/12/15

Informational SAT packets being reviewed by a student
Informational SAT packets being reviewed by a student

Due to the considerable amount of work involved in the SAT application process, the majority of students who initially showed enthusiasm are now becoming apathetic to the idea of performing well on the college admission test.

Analytically speaking, most students feel intimidated by the application process. “Students, who initially showed persistence preparing for the SAT, find themselves overwhelmed when starting the application process,” informed college counselor Lorin Abarr.

The estimated time it takes to apply for the SAT is between 40 minutes to an hour. For several students, the absence of convenience makes them feel a lack of motivation to complete the registration. “My plan was to apply for the SAT falling on May second. I started my application process by creating a profile on the SAT registration website. As I progressed in completing the registration, I began to feel the effects of such long registration process. I decided to postpone the registration for the following day; not realizing that the deadline fell on that same day,” shared junior Maritza Aviles. Consequently, Aviles was forced to wait for the next test date which will fall on June sixth.

The reality of today is that everything is computer based. As a result, students are mandated to upload a self-portrait. This appears to be a bit problematic to some students. “First of all, I don’t own a decent camera to take a picture with. My phone’s camera resolution is extremely poor. Not to mention my strong dislike for taking selfies,” confessed junior Andrei Pineda.
The burden of studying as preparation for the SAT creates a feeling of disinterest in several students. Many can’t find the time to study due to the additional assignments in their regular classes. “As an AP/Honors student, I am mainly concerned with performing well on my academic classes. My next priority deals with the clubs I am a part of. I am aware that studying for the SAT is crucial. However, the struggle to find the time to study makes me lose interest in my collegiate acceptance,” claimed junior Saul Ruvalcaba.

Getting to the test location can be problematic for those who can’t rely on a solid and reliable method of transportation. When choosing a test location, priority is given to those who apply early. In other words, the system is based on a first-come, first-served setup.
“Last year, when I signed up for the SAT, I made the mistake of waiting until the last minute. As a result, I was assigned to a test location in a city far away from home. I had to take two buses to get there,” stated senior Juan Caldera. Additionally, Caldera advised students to sign up for the SAT as early as possible to get an open selection on a test location.