How are teachers preparing?

by Cynthia Sanchez (Staff Writer) – 5/12/15

The schedule for AP tests offered at Kennedy
The schedule for AP tests offered at Kennedy

AP teachers are preparing their classes for the AP exams in May by giving students practice/released test questions, going over the curriculum, and reviewing the hardest part (which varies from each class).

Most teachers are providing optional Saturday review classes for students so that they are accustomed with questions that will be asked.

AP Calculus teacher Mitra Golzy finishes the curriculum a month before the AP exam, so her students have a month to review and prepare before the test. So far, she is giving her students a quiz during the first ten minutes of class so students become familiarized and so they know how to pace themselves; she is also giving extra lessons on Saturdays.

As for AP Government, Daniele Assael has had her students keep a notebook throughout the semester so they can refer back to it when the test comes. “The notebook has significant work that students can use as a review,” stated Assael. She has given her students the option of coming to school on Saturdays for intense review that can be difficult for students. Assael believes that students will have difficulty writing the F.R.Q.’s because they are knowledge based and the topic varies.

AP Spanish Language is the only AP foreign language class offered at Kennedy. Maria Prado has taught this class for many years and has improved through the years so her students pass. She states that she has had a 97% passing rate from previous years, most students score a 3, 4, or 5 on the exam.

Sophomore Andrina Gomez is currently taking AP Spanish Language. She is preparing for the exam by completing assignments and reviewing the material she was given since day one. Ms. Prado has her students use workbooks so they practice on reading comprehension, writing, and speaking, both formally and informally. The oral presentation scares Gomez “I know how to speak it; it is just that vocabulary can become difficult.” Although this test can scare her, she is continuing to study and become ready for it.

Jamie Koskela, AP English Literature teacher, thinks her students will do fairly well; however, the only thing that worries her is that the students struggle with understanding old literature and its meaning.

Koskela started giving practice tests for the first time last year and she noticed that it helped her students, “…the students felt better in terms of time management.” This year she is doing the same thing because students get to experience how the test will be before taking it.

Students are taking their exams in May; they will be taking their AP Calculus exam on May 5th, AP English Literature will take theirs on May 6th, AP U.S. Government will be taking theirs on May 8th, and AP Spanish Language will take their exam on May 7th, 2015.