by Sheena Tadifa:

The spooky holiday is coming up, and it’s only a matter of time before you get the opportunity to watch horror film to get yourself in the Halloween mood. And, of course, throughout the film, you’re bound to run into a serial killer, the thrilling reason to watch a horror film.

Red and green striped sweater, dark brown fedora and bladed glove… sound familiar? If you thought Freddy Krueger, you’re right. Most commonly identified by his burns and disfigured face, Krueger has been rated one of the greatest villains. He was introduced in A Nightmare on Elm Street as a child killer who was set on fire by the parents of his victims. His spirit lived on in the minds of his victims where he would enter their dreams and kill them. His victims experienced dreams about young children, jumping rope and chanting the famous rhyme, “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.”

But behind his tough yet disturbing exterior, Krueger shows vulnerability when he is put into the real world. He can’t control the real world like he can control dreams. He also dislikes fire because it slows him down. It definitely isn’t impossible to beat Krueger at his own game.

Wes Craven, the man who created Krueger, said his inspiration came when he read several stories from Los Angeles Times about a series of mysterious death; all the victims had nightmares and died in their sleep. His other inspiration came from a real life experience when he was 11 and a disfigured homeless man had frightened him.

“There was a man much like Freddy [Krueger] along the sidewalk,” said Craven. “He must’ve sensed that someone was looking at him and stopped and looked right into my face.” He would then hide into the shadows, waiting for the man to, walk away but he would just stand there looking directly at a young Craven as if to say, “Yes, I’m looking at you.”

That man is definitely petrifying.

Another iconic killer, Jason Voorhees, first appeared in the 1980s Friday the 13th. Voorhees wasn’t portrayed as a killer in the first film but as a hallucination of the films protagonist, Alice. Voorhees mom seek revenged at the camp she worked for, blaming the camp counselors for her sons death. But later on, his main motivation for killing are the immortal actions of his victims and the fact that he’d drowned as a child.

Voorhees’ character had experienced many transformations physically. He was given superhuman strength and near invulnerability. However, his widely recognized hockey mask didn’t appear until Friday the 13th Part III. The original mask was molded from a Detroit Red Wings goalie mask which is a staple along with his signature weapon, a machete.

Voorhees’ has been featured in magazines, referenced in films, parodied in television shows, and inspired a horror punk band.

But make sure to keep away from Camp Crystal Lake because he’s got it all guarded.

Watch your back during this holiday, a certain killer might just be on the look out for you…