By: Daria Rodriguez

Earning a playoff spot comes with a lot of hard work and determination, and Kennedy sports have shown
that in spades with many teams having punched their postseason tickets in the fall and winter. Some
made it further than others, but all of the teams walked away from the experience having learned
something about themselves.
Many of Kennedy’s teams have made it so far into the playoffs or others have gone to playoffs. Each team
has worked hard to make it into the playoffs for 2020.
Kennedy’s football team qualified for the playoffs with a record of 6 wins and 5 losses and made it to the
8th place before they lost to Manual Arts High School.
Defensive lineman Parker Brillion explained a bit of information on how playoffs went for football and
how it feels being the last year to play as a senior. Brillion says that he felt upset that it was going to be
his last year of playing football and being able to go to playoffs. Brillion added,“We didn’t win the
playoffs; we lost from 40-12.”
There is hope that this is a springboard for future success as this was Troy Cassidy’s first year as head
coach, and so next year’s squad will have had more time to learn his system.

Kennedys girls basketball took a long trip into the playoffs. They qualified with a record of 6 wins and 5
losses making them we made it in 8th place in the league. Reaching the semifinals for the city
championship, the girls eventually lost 40-28 against Los Angeles CES.
Girls basketball player Mary Tashchyan center position expressed that as a team they all try to have a
good mindset and confidence before stepping out onto the basketball courts. She also states that preparing
for the playoffs they did a lot of conditioning and practice a lot to be ready for play offs.
Tashchyan said, “As a captain I really enjoy seeing my team grow and helping them get better,I hope
they continue to work hard together as a team.”

Kennedys boys soccer team has made it to playoffs, senior Yefferson Vega gives details on how playoffs
were for the soccer team. Vega explains that they have made it into the second round of playoffs before
losing 2-0 against FairFax High School.
Vegas explains preparing for playoff the team had to do conditioning and trying to have the right state of
mind, knowing that we will go out on the court and give it our full 100%”
Vegas expresses “I enjoyed being on the soccer team and how far I have come in terms of the school
soccer team.the experience was definitely one for the books.”
Vergas also adds “ I personally believe that next year’s team will be a solid team. Most of the team now
consisted of many juniors with only 6 seniors.i think that the team will do amazing next year everyone
worked very well together.”