by Gabriella Orellana:

Have you ever wondered why some of your teachers are such strict graders?

Teachers have certain philosophies behind their grading techniques and teaching methods. Students view some teachers as easy graders and others as the hardest graders ever known to man. Are teachers just being mean when it comes to grading, or will their philosophy help you reach success?

According to junior Brian Cardozo, Mr. Thomason, the U.S. History and A.P economics/government teacher is one of the hardest teachers. Cardozo feels Mr. Thomason is hard because he gives a bountiful amount of essays, and tests; he wants students to learn by themselves.

Mr. Thomason says, “ I used to be one of the easiest history teachers back in the 80s and everyone would try to get into my class, nothing in my class has changed to make it harder.”

Mr. Thomason has high expectations for students but always offers help and extra credit for all of his students.  Thomason’s philosophy behind teaching is to develop students to see things for themselves and develop their own ideas based upon facts they discover. Furthermore, Thomason wants to educate the youth so that they can make “important decisions in the future, such as voting and what college to go to.”

Junior Adrian Ortega, a former student of Ms. Green, who is the A.P. Biology teacher believes, “She is a hard teacher because she makes us challenge ourselves a lot, a lot!”

Ms. Green knows her class is hard, but that’s what she wants; she wants students to meet her high expectations. If students meet her high expectations they will be able to develop skills used in their everyday life for the rest of their life. Ms. Green states, “It is necessary to push kids beyond comfort and encourage abstract thinking, and critical analysis.” Ms. Green wants her students to think on their own , and create their own ideas.

Ms. Green elaborated, “Grades are a type of assessment to gage student learning and understanding and to help students see where they need to improve.”

Students have certain opinions about what make a teacher easy and strenuous. Junior Salvador Mena says, “Easy teachers are teachers who don’t assign any work and feed you answers, then when you take the CST, you don’t remember anything. Hard teachers challenge you until you want to give up, but at the end of the day, that’s from who you gain all your knowledge.”

Difficult teachers should not be something to fear. The fact that teachers are hard will help prepare you for all experiences in life and for college level courses. The fact that all teachers don’t hold your hand through everything isn’t bad; it’s simply that they have certain philosophies meant to help you succeed, and you will succeed by learning from teachers who challenge you.