by Gabby Orellana:

Imagine not being able to trust the person you love the most in the world. The second they’re away, you think that they’re cheating on you with that cute boy/girl from 2ndperiod. Without trust, there is no point of being in a relationship. Trust is a major characteristic of a healthy relationship.

Trust is the ability to have confidence in someone without doubting them. Chloie Buhain, a senior atKennedyHigh School, has been with her boyfriend on and off for two years. Buhain does not have complete trust in her boyfriend because of past events that have broken her faith in him. Buhain believes mistrust has made the relationship, “very unhealthy to be around.” Mistrust has jeopardized their relationship to the point that, “[I] start to doubt the future of the relationship.”

Not having trust in a relationship develops jealousy and insecurity.AmberIsland, a senior atKennedyHigh School, says about her boyfriend of four months, “I’m insecure about when he goes out. I feel like he might flirt with another girl, and then if I find out it’s true, we get into a huge argument.” Getting into huge arguments about insecurity means there is no trust. Arguments because of mistrust are unhealthy for the relationship.

Jealously is the worst feeling you can have because it potentially corrupts the relationship. A student fromKennedyHigh Schoolwho chooses to remain anonymous states, “I get jealous when I see my boyfriend with another girl because I feel like ‘Oh she’s prettier than me, she has a nicer body, smile, etc, and I get jealous and mad’.

Kimberly Kestor, a certified domestic abuse counselor, believes that trust is necessary in all relationships because it creates an environment of open communication and is a building block to healthy relationship. Kestor says, “I don’t think you can have a relationship without trust because you need to be able to have open communication and tell that person anything.” However with all these temptations in high school, is it possible to obtain trust in a relationship?

Trust is needed in a relationship because without it you can end up in a toxic relationship full of arguing, lying, and insecurities. A good relationship does not contain these harmful characteristics. If there is no initial trust, the relationship will eventually come to an end.