Kennedy students most recommended romantic movies

by Valeria Torres (Staff Writer) – 12/13/16

Valeria Torres
Searching for romantic movies on Netflix

Some of Kennedy’s all-time favorite Valentine’s Day films that could be found on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon include Silver Linings Playbook, One Day, Listen to Your Heart and Waiting for Forever.

Certain people have different point of views on what makes a perfect romantic movie. For example, senior Emily Ontiveros commented, “I love romantic movies where the story is not cliché and predictable; I prefer movies that include moments that you would’ve not expected to happen.” She also suggested that one of her all-time favorite love movies to watch is Waiting for Forever.

The film consists of unexpected moments where a boy falls in love with one of his neighbors since they were little but then moves; he then goes looking for her as he never forgot about her and comes to surprise that she is an actress in Hollywood. This movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

Another movie highly recommended by Kennedy students is Listen to Your Heart. This movie, as mentioned by senior Denise Gonzalez, is a heart-warming movie that has many moments that make your eyes water. The story develops as two lovers meet in a coffee shop where the boy works; he has fallen in love with a deaf girl whom he must sneak around with behind her mother’s back. A series of tragic events happen that leads to a breathtaking ending.

Other people like junior Vanessa Garcia claims that a romantic movie must have some comedy in it. Therefore she claimed that Silver Linings Playbook with actors Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is her top romantic/comedy movie. This film features a man struggling with bipolar disorder, who develops a flirty friendship with a girl named Tiffany. They share common, crazy interests, and it helps him forget his ex-wife that cheated on him. This is the perfect suggestion for the happy-ending film lovers.

Last, but not least one of the top Netflix romantic films loved by Kennedy students is One Day with Anne Hathaway. This movie was recommended for audience that likes some tragedy with their romance movies.

The plot consists of two friends that meet the day of their graduation and part into different countries. However, they never lose touch as they meet every July 15th of every year to catch up. When something goes wrong in each other’s lives they always manage being there for one another leading them to realize that they are meant for each other.

Whether it’s a tragic romance or a comedy love movie, these are only some of the many all top favorite films, recommended by Kennedy students, found on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.