monuments-men-posterBy Rodrigo Mercado

George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Cate Blanchett, Bob Balaban, and Matt Damon is definitely an impressive front line of actors for a war movie, with enough awards to rival the treasures they are trying to save, this troop plays soldiers trying to save precious works of art in The Monuments Men.


   The Monuments Men is an old fashioned World War II movie that takes place in Germany. It’s a story of the U.S Army’s Monument, Fine Arts, and Archives program, wherein a group of art historians, artist, and architects sought to save and protect artwork stolen by the Nazis.

George Clooney co-wrote, starred, and directed the movie with the intention of re telling the actual real life story and mission of real life monument man George Stout. Matt Damon co-starred and gave a surprising performance showing that he can be a leader in a group of experienced actors. It was also hard to see a comedian like Bill Murray crack a joke and also try to act serious in a uniform. What seems as a movie masterpiece with the churn of award winning actors and an amazing storyline turned out to be just an “OK” movie with a lot of dullness and little incite and bonding between characters.

Clooney’s directing wasn’t all that bad as he captured the image of the 1940s and also kept the film rather similar to the actual events. But many could say he failed as he didn’t live up to the expectations since it wasn’t as successful as his previous movie, the Ides of March. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie 1 and a half stars and a thirty-three percent satisfaction review saying that the film had great intentions and a more than impressive cast but failed to deliver as the movie was too dull.

There is also a bright side to the film of telling a true story of heroic actions by a set of men who wanted to preserve important American artifacts. Northridge resident Daniel Iniguez stated, “The concept of the film is great, but it didn’t live up to the expectations with all the amazing actors. Overall I think it was good, but not great.”

The movie that was supposed to be a masterpiece of a film ended up being a flop only grossing 27 million dollars worldwide, ultimately losing 43 million.