­ by Elizabeth Vazquez:

Cal State Northridge (CSUN) is exactly 6 miles away from Kennedy. In the past years, CSUN has gained a reputation as an “easy” entrance college. Many may believe that CSUN does not offer what other universities have because of the majority of the Kennedy graduates that got to CSUN. Cal State Northridge has nine colleges, which offer 64 baccalaureate degrees, 58 master degrees, 2 professional doctorate degrees and 55 teaching credential programs. The majors range from business law to journalism and offer great programs for any of the majors.

Even though CSUN isn’t as far as other distinguished universities, CSUN offers the same, if not more, opportunities than other local Cal States. Many don’t know that people who transfer in from either community college or even other countries go through different acceptance criteria.

Transfer students who are coming in from another college or community must go by this criteria; if they are a lower division transfer student, which is a student who began their CSU degree program at a community college, they must have a GPA average of 2.0 in all transferable college units, have completed the CSU general education Writing and Mathematics courses with a C or better and also meet the admission requirements for first-time freshman. If the student is a Upper division transfer, which is having at least 60 semester or 90 quarter transferable units completed by the time you transfer, they must have completed their transferable units (60 semester or 90 quarter) with a GPA average of 2.0, have completed CSU General Education Writing, Mathematics, Critical Thinking and Speech Communication courses with at least a C.

Foreign admissions have to take several test to be able to have admission into CSUN, which include the TOEFL, a test of English as a Foreign Language, and must get a minimum of 500 for the paper based part of the test, a minimum of 173 for the computer based portion and a minimum of 61 for the internet based portion. They must also take tests like the Pearson’s Test of English, the AP International Language Exam, the International English Language Test System, the Scholastic Aptitude Test and finally the International Test of English Language Proficiency. International transfers are also required to have attended at least 3 years of high school in the U.S.

We find it easier to get into CSUN because it is local, but truthfully, no one really knows the requirements there are to get in whether it be internationally or even from another college. Everything is learned from the word of mouth, but no one really takes the time to look into the opportunities Cal States Northridge has to offer.