The sad closing of a long-time haven for Kennedy students

By: Jennalyn Reyes (staff writer)

The burger restaurant, Mighty Mouth, located in the plaza next to John F. Kennedy High School is going out of business in order to make room for the construction of new apartments and businesses. This could take a toll on Kennedy students because many people went here to hang out and eat.

 Although there are rumors of it opening back upon the 12th of December, it has been said to have been shut down because  of health code violations.

 There was a sign in the window of the restaurant stating that the reason for it being closed down is to be demolished in order to make room for the aforementioned apartments and businesses.

 Mighty Mouth first its doors for business in the year 1998 and has been operating for approximately 20 years. The restaurant was mainly operated by four employees from 2008-2017 according to

 The students at Kennedy high school frequently walked to Mighty Mouth to enjoy their chili fries and their breakfast burritos. The closing of this establishment would impact the students because they would lose a place to go after school and a place of leisure.

 The environment of the original Mighty Mouth location was friendly and always filled with young people due to the fact that it was located right next to a high school. Even though there are plenty of other food places around that same area where students can hang out, there are none that serve the same food and have the exact same air quite like Mighty Mouth.

 The kids of Kennedy are for the most part devastated about the closing of the restaurant that has been there for almost all of their high school careers. When asked about it many students gave the same general response that it is a true travesty and it is going to be missed because of its “very delicious chili fries and yummy burritos” says sophomore student Elena Loaiza.

 The community is also going to be affected by the destruction of the establishment because not only has the current generation of high school students come to appreciate Mighty Mouth but past generations as well. There is a certain irreplaceable history offered by that restaurant.

 There is another Mighty Mouth restaurant in Canyon Country that is not owned by the same people. Even though there is not the same ownership, the menu is the same including the classic breakfast burrito and chicken tenders. According to reviews it is a good place to eat and the environment is welcoming and nice.

 All in all, there is no replacing Mighty Mouth and future Kennedy students to come will never know the aesthetic provided by the beloved restaurant.