New trends revealed at this years men’s fashion week

by Joshua Reveles (Special Features Editor) – 10/02/17

 Both men and women walking the runway for a men’s fashion line preview 


Many new trends have been seen more and more during this year’s Men’s Fashion Week, Coach 1941 and Calvin Klein revealing  their Spring 2018 collections.

Among these two fashion giants was the recurring trend of men’s handbags, as well as very floral/bright colors to accompany the spring theme. Raf Simmons is inspired by Game of Thrones for this collection, which is apparent in his gowns and long, dark articles of clothing seen.

Coach 1941 had many models carrying male handbags and other stand-out accessories to accompany the retro style clothing seen in their showcase earlier this week. Many more accessories have been transforming clothing labeled previously as for women only  to gender neutral extras, such as male chokers, seen a lot earlier this year, as well as male rompers. Earlier in the year, crop tops were sported by men around the streets.

Along with the trend of making accessories for both male and female, 70s style clothing pieces are gaining popularity. Both Calvin Klein and Coach used a lot of leather jackets and knitted sweaters that have a old school vibe to them.

The men’s fashion week, as well as fashion overall, has seen a significant gain in popularity since it’s debut in 2012. There is a lot more coverage now and a lot of anticipation to see what the brands are going to put out.

As more female accessories become widely used by males, including major fashion brands, such as Coach 1941 and Calvin Klein, as seen this past men’s fashion week, it is apparent that gender neutrality is a recurring modern day vogue . Previously seen trends like 70s-90s styles continue to expand throughout the fashion world. Couture enthusiast Karen Ortiz claimed, “It is nice to see fashion taking a push towards gender neutrality because both men and women deserve to enjoy the breathtaking styles of today.”