Netflix’s adaptation of the unique hero Luke Cage catches everyone’s attention

By Joshua Reveles (Staff Writer) -11/18/16

Luke Cage season 1 cover art on Netflix.
Luke Cage season 1 cover art on Netflix.

Marvel Entertainment is constantly creating new superheroes and coming out with new movies and TV shows, but their newest Netflix original show, Luke Cage, is something new and original and relates to modern day issues. Although the character Luke Cage isn’t new, he was created in 1972, the story and depiction of this superhero is new.
The TV show follows Luke Cage, who originally is known as Carl Lucas, and is an escaped convict. He was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, and once he escapes, he finds a home in Harlem, New York where he works two jobs. His first job is at a barber shop where he sweeps up hair and does other janitorial work, and his second job is washing dishes at a bar/restaurant. Luke has superhuman strength and is bullet proof, but at first he doesn’t like the fact that he has these powers because he never asked for them. In the first couple of episodes, Luke watches some crimes around the city occur and does not bother to jump in and help but once the barber shop he works in is shot at, he decides to put his powers to good use and try and prevent people from getting hurt by these crimes.
Luke’s costume isn’t really a costume at all but a black hoodie with the hood on his head. This is initially sparked all the attention this show received because it directly relates to all the issues going around in the world with black people being gunned down by police. Junior Navneen Goraya, mentioned that “The hoodie signifies all the innocent black people that have been shot and him being bulletproof is a moral to them.” Goraya also added that the show caught her attention because besides it being a show about a superhero, the show is well orchestrated and empowering to colored people.
That is what truly makes this show stand out and gives it a unique but powerful touch. Marvel Entertainment did an amazing job with this show. It’s very creative and unique. It doesn’t just mimic other superhero shows, it stands out and relates to the audience watching it in today’s day and age and that’s why people love this show so much. It doesn’t focus on Luke being a superhero, but his daily struggles and hardships that come with being a hero and a black hero as well.

Another junior at Kennedy High School and fan of this show Alex Torres mentioned that “the only thing that would make this show better is more action when Luke fights.” He also claimed that he likes the soundtrack that is heard in this show and the show also has an interesting criminal/crime solving tone.
Luke Cage has many fans that love it for it’s interesting and original story along with its powerful depiction of the struggles innocent black people have to go through sometimes because of the color of their skin and is a great moral to all the innocent lives lost because of shootings. There is nothing but positive feedback from this show and both Torres and Goraya rated this show 9/10, and i myself would give it a 10/10, there’s nothing i dislike about this show and we all would recommend this show to anyone. Torres and Goraya mention how great this show was and it was only the first season and everyone who is a fan of this show can agree with this statement and can also mention how excited they are for the next season.