The perfect treat for any day

By Sophia Reyes (Staff Writer) -4/4/17

Kiwi-lime jello with its interesting shade of green.
Kiwi-lime jello with its interesting shade of green.

Kiwi-lime jello is the perfect treat to eat when you’re at home on St. Patrick’s Day, day where leprechauns are ready to pinch you if you don’t wear green. The great part of this delicious sweet in now you don’t have to wear green anymore. All you have to do is eat this dessert that’s already green.
This mouthwatering dessert will satisfy your temptation for a sweet treat. The best way to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day is to eat something that will fly your taste buds to the other side of the rainbow.
Begin by boiling a cup of water. Once the water has completely boiled, begin to pour it within a bowl and simultaneously pour in the packet of jello powder. Make sure to stir completely so that there are no chunks of powder floating around the bowl. Afterwards, add two cups of ice cubes and stir once again until you see that the jello has thickened. Within ten minutes you should be able to see it thicken. Remove any ice cubes that have yet to dissolve.
Next remove ½ cup of the jello and set it aside to chill in the fridge for about 20 minutes. Allow the remaining jello to slightly thicken for 20 minutes as well. While you’re waiting, you can begin to cut the kiwi into thin slices. I would cut some extra just in case you want to use some for decoration later on. When the 20 minutes are over, grab the bowl with the remaining jello that was placed to thicken and pour the kiwi slices inside.
Then go get the reserved jello placed inside the freezer. In a small bowl add the ½ cup of the chilled jello and ¼ cup of yogurt together. Batter the jello and yogurt together at a fast rhythm. Stop once you see that the mixture has increased in size. Finally, pour the jelly/yogurt mixture over the kiwi/jello mixture and allow it to chill in the freezer until it’s dense.
All that’s left now is to take out the completed jello from the freezer and begin decorating. On each serving place a spoonful of yogurt on top and arrange slices of kiwi fruit on it. You can even arrange the kiwis to look like a shamrock. You’ll just love the festive way it’ll look. Also, if you want to get fancy, scoop the jello and place it into glass cups so that the amazing green shade can be seen.
Now you can dig into this delicious jello that is worth more than a pot of gold. Senior, Wendy Olague expressed, “This is a fun dessert to make and the color is very appealing to the eye, making you want to take a bite out of it.” This dessert will surely make it seem like you’re the luckiest person on St. Patrick’s Day.

Kiwi-lime Jello

• 1 package of lime Jello gelatin
• 1 cup of boiling water
• 2 cups of ice cubes
• 1 cup of thinly sliced kiwi fruit
• ¼ cup of vanilla yogurt